Cubase 10 Pro with Shove and Push2

Push2 inside Cubase with Shove for Ableton Push2

Anyone having a Maschine or Push2 knows how much of your patience is tested when you want to use these devices inside other DAW’s. Honestly, I just have given up on using the Maschine as a controller for anything else besides the Maschine VST or standalone version. For the Ableton Push2 however, I did not want to do without it in my other DAW’s. The scales included in Push2 are such a time-saver and effective creative tool! There simply had to be a way to keep utilizing these inside other DAW’s. I found an easy way that removes jumping through flaming hoops! It’s a nifty little utility called: Shove for Ableton Push2.

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Loopcloud by Loopmasters, my first impression.

In real life when a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. In Audio- & VST land that mostly is proven differently! Just a few weeks back Propellerhead and Loopmasters teamed up. Reason owners could grab a great selection of the most popular loops and samples from the Loopmasters site (after registration). Since I already had an account for both websites I jumped on the deal to get the free bundle. At that time I did not install Loopcloud , didn’t pay much attention since I had a ton of other stuff going on.

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