Oddiction Media

Beta-testing projects and releases

Cool things and beta-testing projects are happening in and around the ODD studio. With the first projects released, it’s safe to talk about them. Firstly, the website got a do-over and runs much leaner now. Secondly, new and interesting software companies are added to the portfolio. And last but not least, besides beta-testing and sound design, I’m working on full track productions again.

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new Oddiction soundbank for Predator 2 update

New Oddiction soundbank in RP-Predator 2 update

For the last few weeks I have been beta-testing and doing sound design for Rob Papen’s Predator 2 update. This resulted in a brand new Oddiction soundbank with 128 new sounds. From bread & butter synth-sounds to oddly ‘wild’ patches, as Rob called them. In this version you find some great new features, with the new modulation destinations my absolute favorite.

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