Studio Update

Quick Studio Update via phone video snap teaser on my Facebook page. Sunday in ODD HQ while listening some great, German Hip-Hop.

The acoustic panels are up, once the Chesterfield is in, the doorway with the Cat curtains can be closed too. That will be closed with 22 mm sheet material. Also painted Orient Red and acoustic diffuser panels will be mounted on that wall.

Once I put that vintage Chesterfield couch, plants and other furniture in there, I can take new sound measurements. And find out if I need to make more panels and/or change something else. I’m pretty sure I need a few corner bass traps and a few diffusers on the ceiling. The next Studio Update will be a blog about building the panels.

The room is pretty dead already. I have been working on new beats, content and other material the last few weeks without fatigue or any major problems. The only thing I noticed is that the 808 kicks and basslines prove to be a bit difficult to get sitting right in the mix. But will tackle that eventually too. I could always get me some Sonarworks tools for that.

The panels color match the walls close enough, with the normal lightning on they almost disappear in their surrounding. Accept for those Baroque ones, which match my wallpaper.

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