Sound design for Rob Papen

It’s always hard to keep something quiet when working on something really cool! A few weeks ago I started working on sounds for the Rob Papen instruments. At this moment I finished my first soundbanks for Blade, Predator and SubBoomBass, while currently working on one for Blue. The sounds will be available for registered users at and added to the instruments in future updates.

So what can you expect? Well, a broad variety of sounds (and some sonic mayhem) that will be suitable for many different styles. Anything from industrial to dubstep and from movie/game music to EDM and Hip-Hop.

My head is still full of ideas, so there is certainly more to come.

If you like the sounds feel free to leave me a note. Either here on the site, on Twitter or on the OddIction Facebook page.

Keep it noisy!

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