Rob Papen’s Punch-BD

When you build a house, you need a strong foundation, when you start a new track you need the exact same thing. Rob Papen’s Punch-BD is a very good starting point to begin a new track.  This newest RP VST is based around the bassdrum module of the multi award winning Punch virtual drum synthesizer. Been beta testing the newest RP plugin for quite a while now and I’ve thrown together some nasty sounding sonic mayhem in 3 hard hitting presetbanks.

Punch-bd is a VST to make kickdrums with, it is based on the bassdrum module of the Punch drum synth. There are 6 slots (or pads) to put a sound or sample in and more effects and modulation options than you ever thought of.   The first soundbank is really raw and more or less dedicated to the harder styles within the dance music scene. I added a whole bunch of freshly home baked samples to the factory library. All the base sounds are done with Rob Papen products from the Explorer bundle. Layered, sampled, routed through various FX chains and re-sampled. I used some thirth party external FX from: Soundtoys, CamelAudio, the Reaktor user library, DLM and GlitchMachines to add flavour and artifacts to the sounds.

The second bank is a bit more versatile, but still contains some very nasty patches. Usable for various EDM styles, but also for; Hip-Hop, dnb, dubstep and any other style that needs a hefty kick drum. The third bank is also a mixture of various styles and flavours, check out the TNDmayhem1 and the Chainsaw patch!! Designed to make ears bleed in the Industrial area of your local Rave!

When you see something like [PB_MW], [PB] or [MW] behind the preset name make sure you play around with the PitchBend and ModWheel! Magic will happen 😉 The GlitchR patches are an excellent example of a mad scientist @ work.

More info about Punch-BD can be found here, on the Rob Papen website.

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