Rob Papen’s RAW

When you’re pioneering rough dance music there is always the need for more brutal and more aggressive sounds. From kickdrums that create bowl movements to ripping leads and screeches that make ears bleed, as producer you always want to push them to the next level. There is a thing all these sounds have in common; distortion! Distortion is a little bit like ketchup, everything gets better with it! The more you pour on it, the better it tastes! The only difference; if you start tweaking the RAW knobs in this VST……. The hot-sauce oozes out!

Hardcore icon DJ Promo (Sebastian Hoff) and Free-K (Freek Vergoossen) stepped into the ring with Rob Papen and came up with a concept called RAW. Like with any other RP product; this synth works very inspiring and sound design almost comes natural. During my beta testing I found the time to build one-and-a-half sound bank for it, I will complete the second bank after I’m done moving.  There are plenty of bad-ass patches included in the factory banks that show how versatile RAW really is.

RAW will put your productions into BEAST MODE, the synth has a very different build up and while it’s focussed on aggressive, edgy sounds, it can and will do anything else too. The EQ, Waveshaper, distortion and Lo-Fi are on voice level. To add more control over the sound you can use an EQ ahead of the distortions, but also after the distortions (and as with all Rob’s plugins, modulate them!). While it’s being marketed for ‘edgy sounds’, I did my best to show RAW’s full potential in my soundbanks. I did everything from ripping leads, lush pads to gut punching kicks. The workflow in this thing is amazing and the modulation options are really vast. For the people that don’t want to spend a lot of time building new patches from scratch there are great soundbanks from well known artists included in the factory sounds. Done by heavy hitters from the Hardcore and Industrial scene, to name a few: Promo, Hidden , Deathmachine, N-Vitral, Rob Fabrie (Waxweazle/Headbanger), Noisia, The Viper, Lowroller, Free-K and Mad Dog!

If you’re a producer in the harder and darker genres of EDM you really need to add RAW to your arsenal. Some say this beast is so vicious it goes against the Geneva Conventions 😉

The official RAW trailer

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