16 free OddIction patches & combinators for Reason 10.1

This week the Propellerhead Software Reason 10.1 (free) update came out, adding some cool stuff to the already amazing Europa Rack Extension and they also added a new player: the Drum sequencer. Since I needed a break from each and everything, I have spend this Sunday in the Studio and been playing around with both items. Probably done some stuff with the Drum sequencer that I shouldn’t have 😜. There are a total of 16 patches and combinators in the download link below. Done some weird patching between the Drum sequencer and the Europa rack in 2 of those Combinators. One does some Drone stuff with various controls and the other… Well, some total weird glitch like percussion sort of thing.

It’s #SharingSunday, here are the 16 patches & combinators: Download via MEGA Cloud.

Make sure you download the latest Reason (10.1) version AND the Drum sequencer player. Feel free to use the patches in your work and if you like them it’s always nice to receive a comment on my Twitter or Facebook.

The Drum Sequencer explained by Propellerhead themselves on their YouTube account. Good Stuff!

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