Push2 inside Cubase with Shove for Ableton Push2

Anyone having a Maschine or Push2 knows how much of your patience is tested when you want to use these devices inside other DAW’s. Honestly, I just have given up on using the Maschine as a controller for anything else besides the Maschine VST or standalone version. For the Ableton Push2 however, I did not want to do without it in my other DAW’s. The scales included in Push2 are such a time-saver and effective creative tool! There simply had to be a way to keep utilizing these inside other DAW’s. I found an easy way that removes jumping through flaming hoops! It’s a nifty little utility called: Shove for Ableton Push2.

What is Shove?

Shove is a simple utility that restores the core functionality of the Ableton Push2 when used with Cubase, Logic and other DAW’s. Made by Silence and Sound, a one-man shop run by composer/guitarist Jonathan Thompson. Focused on providing specialized utilities for audio production, Shove for Ableton Push2 is their first release. According to the info on their website, future releases include Max for Live devices as well as Kontakt utilities. I can only applaud this!

Shove and Push2 in Cubase 10 Pro

For my own music I usually do pre-production with Ableton Live Suite 10. I bounce the stems and continue inside Cubase 10 Pro. Mixing and arranging inside Cubase is in my opinion easier and get’s quicker and better results. The integration of Push2 inside Ableton Live is simply epic and hard to beat. Now some of that epicness can be used inside other DAW’s with the Shove utility.

So far I have tested and setup Shove inside the latest versions of Cubase Pro and Studio One Pro. The developer tested with Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One and Bitwig. It also works with standalone synths like Reaktor. Detailed info on their website.

How to setup Shove with your Push2

Purchase the App through Gumroad and download it. Simply run the installer and follow instructions. If you are a Windows user like me, you will also need to install loopMIDI by Tobias Erichsen. This software creates virtual loopback MIDI-ports. Needed to interconnect applications on Windows that want to open hardware-MIDI-ports for communication. Silence and Sound states that other software packages can create a MIDI loopback port but only loopMIDI is tested and supported.

Cee Lopez did an excellent job on creating a tutorial video going through Shove and it’s functions. Even more important, it is a step-by-step tutorial to setup Shove inside Cubase. He makes great tutorials, well worth a subscribe to his YouTube channel.

The tutorial above is made with Cubase Pro 9 and meanwhile Steinberg has released Cubase version 10. The way to setup Shove is still pretty much the same. Except that the layout of the top Cubase menu-bar has changed a little bit. When Craig talks about opening the menu-bar item Devices, in Cubase 10 Pro this changed to: Studio > Studio Setup. From there all is the same. Also the looks of the Project Synchronization Setup window within the Transport menu has changed. Again, the things you have to untick are still the same. The left image is the new look inside Cubase Pro 10. Click on the pictures below to extend them.

Shove and Push2 in StudioOne Pro

Getting Shove to work inside StudioOne is not difficult either. It took me only a few minutes. Take the following steps, select the following things in the menu-bar. Studio One > Options… > External Devices.

After that press Add and select New Keyboard. A popup screen like on the right will now open.

Rename Device Model to something you deem logical, for instance: Push or Push2.

Continue to set the Receive From to: from Shove 1 and that’s it, no need to set anything else. Click OK and close everything to return to your main DAW screen.

You can open Shove now and click the On button inside the GUI. The Push should react by turning on. From there you can setup Shove in any way you would like it to use inside StudioOne.


Although I think the utility has not (yet) the full force of the Push2 inside Ableton, I still find Shove a very useful tool. Shove 1.4 is in the works and progress is being made according to the Silence and Sound website. I know first hand how hard it is to juggle a full-time job and have my own company beside it So let’s patiently await new features that might be added in the future.

Turning the click off and on and recording and/or setting Tempo-track changes would also be great additions in my opinion. However, for now it does where I want to use it for, all future changes are welcome.

The $ 15, VAT excluded will not break the bank either. Tip for VAT registered users, reclaim your VAT from Gumroad. After the purchase is completed select “Need an invoice for this?” on the bottom of that screen, fill out your VAT ID and other info and press on generate. This will generate an invoice and the VAT will be refunded.

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