Rob Papen's Blade
The Blade soundbank is entirely Sci-Fi and Space themed. As a big fan of that movie genre it was a delight to create the 120 sounds in this bank. The sounds are suitable for a broad variety of styles, from EDM, game and movie scores and from grime/dubstep, IDM to industrial. The bank contains a lot of pads, arps, sound effects and unusual synth sounds. All with a slight touch of Oddness. Live long and prosper.

You can grab it here. (right-click, > save as...)

Rob Papen's SubBoomBass
With this soundbank the versatility of SubBoomBass has been displayed. It's more then 'just a bass-machine', you will not only find very dirty wobble basses in this soundbank. There are also leads, percussive sounds, rhythmic sequences, kick drums, arps and there are even some natural bass guitar presets in there.

Download it here. (right-click, > save as...)

Hint: Don´t hesitate to abuse the modwheel and pitchbend on most presets.
Rob Papen's Predator soundbank
You should probably get your rabies shot before using this soundbank. The Predator is unleashed and on the prowl! The keyword is distortion. Most sounds can go from 0 to Sonic Mayhem in the blink of an eye, just yank the mod-wheel and pitchbend! The soundbank is included to the factory sounds in the latest Predator update.

Available as Reason Refill too. Get the bank for Predator-RE here. (right-click, > save as...)

You can grab the soundbank for the regular Predator version here. (right-click, > save as...)