New Oddiction soundbank in RP-Predator 2 update

new Oddiction soundbank for Predator 2 update

For the last few weeks I have been beta-testing and doing sound design for Rob Papen’s Predator 2 update. This resulted in a brand new Oddiction soundbank with 128 new sounds. From bread & butter synth-sounds to oddly ‘wild’ patches, as Rob called them. In this version you find some great new features, with the new modulation destinations my absolute favorite.

Let’s talk a bit more about Predator 2, it is now NKS compatible, for that reason it will consequently load flawless into the Maschine or Komplete Kontrol. Also the instrument comes with a huge library of production ready sounds. First of all, there are over 300 new patches in this update and second; they included all v1 presets, converted to this version , including use of the X-Y pad. Therefore over 6000 presets are inside the factory library, this is certainly a most noteworthy amount of sounds ready to play with!

Predator 2 is really a beast that allows you to do some advanced sound design. The Arp contains some really cool features that allows you to create nice modulations and movement in patches. If you will check the sounds in my new Oddiction soundbank and the sounds of JoMal you will understand.

Below you see the video from Rob’s live stream on his Youtube channel, talking you through the changes in this version. Watch Rob talk about some of the new features and his vision of this synthesizer. This recorded live-stream is almost an hour long, but most certainly valuable and fun to watch. Rob will give you some great insides on sound design with this product.  Predator 2 has grown into a versatile synth that can be used in a lot of different music styles. From dance to hip-hop and movie or game audio.

The entire month of August is Predator 2 month, check out the RP website, Facebook or newsletter so you don’t miss out on upgrade and/or crossgrade deals. Also keep in mind, the eXplorer5 bundle is coming later this year. eXplorer 5 will get you the new Go2, which I blogged about earlier last month. Similarly to Predator 2, Go2 includes a new Oddiction soundbank too. A second very cool product that currently is in development will be added to the bundle also. Keep an eye on Rob’s Facebook or the Rob Papen User Group for hints on what’s coming.

Hope you enjoy the new Oddiction soundbank. Feel free to follow and leave a comment on my Facebook page or Twitter. And if you own older RP products check my downloads for older soundbanks.

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