Loopcloud by Loopmasters, my first impression.

In real life when a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. In Audio- & VST land that mostly is proven differently! Just a few weeks back Propellerhead and Loopmasters teamed up. Reason owners could grab a great selection of the most popular loops and samples from the Loopmasters site (after registration). Since I already had an account for both websites I jumped on the deal to get the free bundle. At that time I did not install Loopcloud , didn’t pay much attention since I had a ton of other stuff going on.

This week, while going through my social media timelines I stumbled on a deal that was simply too good to be true. An absolute mega-deal on the Loopmasters Studio Bundle.  A most noteworthy 90% discount on a huge bundle containing 86 top-notch packs! Obviously this was a no-brainer and 3 days later I was still downloading that humongous amount of content. This is when I first started to think there needed to be a better way and there is: Loopcloud!


Loopcloud is a sample library manager on steroids and then some. A crisp looking, cloud-connected application for browsing, streaming and importing your samples, loops and sounds. And not only for the sounds you bought from Loopmasters, in the 3.0 version you can also import your own local sample collections. So it does not matter which DAW you’re using, everything can be auditioned in the time and in key of the project you’re working on.

It’s a very powerful tool and not only for those solely creating music or sound work with loops. The tagging, previewing, audio warping and DAW integration makes Loopcloud very versatile. I own most of the big brand DAW’s out there and since I bought Ableton Suite 10, I truly understand the joy of creating new songs by taking loops, other pre-made or sampled content and adapt this to something of your own. Recycle & Re-Create!

Ooh and then there is this; every time you open the Application new, free inspiration content is sitting there for you, ready to be claimed!

All the new features, fixes and chances can be found here.

Getting started

There’s a better way instead of doing it like this: Loopcloud

While downloading the content I experienced some errors that I could not resume from the download-manager. So this got me looking on their website and Loopcloud. With 57 of 86 packs downloaded I decided to give Loopcloud a go. 

Installed the application and had it download the previews and data from my account. Unfortunately the 57 packs I already downloaded didn’t get recognized by Loopcloud. As a result of this I had to download them again through the App.

​The beta-tester in me tried a bunch of different things. I assume that if you would copy those packs to a different disk and add them as user content it would probably work.

Wanting to keep all Loopmasters content on one external drive, so decided not to bother and download the content again through the application itself.  

Don’t use any download managers, these will drop the download counter in your Loopmasters account RAPIDLY!

The advantages of Loopcloud

For those being weary of yet another extra application on their DAW; it’s a game changer! Using Loopcloud brings a lot of advantages, downloading your purchased and free content is now child’s play. Just to test how it refreshes, I bought a giant soundpack called Jazz Notes. Another whopping 5+Gb pack, it was ready for download in Loopcloud within minutes after PayPal closed.

The first advantage is the ease and speed the packs get downloaded and put inside your library. New packs are marked with a blue flag saying “NEW”, highlight it, press CMD/CTRL-D and the download starts.

Second benefit, the download speed appears to be noteworthy higher using the application in contrast to manually downloading each pack in your account via the website. Keep in mind that with the last option you also have to unpack the zip file and remove that manually.  You can work on something else while the application downloads, analyses, categorizes and tags the content you just bought. 

And finally, everything will be in 1 place, I bought an external USB 3 exclusively for the Loopmasters library alone. The first setup and installing will take quit a bit of time, but after that it’s all smooth sailing.

Adding my user folder with 96392 one-shot percussion samples took a while to analyse/tag.

User Content

Spending hours behind a computer experimenting with sounds is soothing and fun. Similarly like you would do on a modular system, building complex chains of instruments and effects. While I do this, my trusty Zoom H4N is recording all of it in the background. So imagine how much raw material I have sitting around and that’s okay.

Some of that material gets processed into one-shots, loops or single sounds for later use. Making a lot of content also creates a lot of clutter and even more folders on your system. Keeping my own sample archive as clean and tidy as possible, but you still find yourself consequently looking for previous made material. Think with this application that has ended, time will tell.

DAW integration

While Loopcloud was indexing a library of added user one-shot percussion files (96392 samples), it was a good time to start testing the DAW integration in multiple DAW’s. It immediately worked without changing anything in Reason 9.5, 10.1 and the 10.2 Beta. The same for Ableton Live Suite 10 with use of the Push2.

In StudioOne 3.5.6 and 4.1 and Cubase Pro 9.5 I had to change something in the settings. Had to deselect the “Release Driver when Application is in Background” box to make it work. Had to do this in both Cubase and StudioOne. Further than that, no other changes made. Didn’t yet test in ProTools First, Wavelab (audio montages) and the Maschine Mk3.

The only thing I’ll be doing is adding Loopcloud to all the Project Start templates of my DAW’s, so it will be loaded and ready in each new project.

Cubase setup for Loopcloud
Deselect the “Release Driver when Application is in Background” box.


Loopcloud will become an absolute essential studio tool to me. It allows you to tag and label all your samples and stems. It’ll increase productivity and workflow in any DAW. More time to share freebies on my website and social media. 

Will suggest if Loopmasters can add the Camelot wheel system for harmonic mixing to the application.  And maybe a possibility to export all the tags with user content as a pack. That would also be a nice feature for content makers and sound designers.

Download the Application and give it a try, there’s nothing to lose, even if you don’t buy anything your sample library will grow with the free inspirational content Loopmasters hands out. Already a fan!

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