DigiD N0isE v1 soundpack

DigiD N0isE v1

FREE Glitch soundpack

DigiD_N0isE is a soundpack dating back to 2013 and inspired by the wave of  DDoS attacks that happened that year. It contains sounds made mostly with Native Instruments Reaktor. The samples are put through various effect-chains. Some of the sounds are taken from field-recordings. Heavily processed and furthermore sculpted in Alchemy and Reaktor.

If you’re looking for very odd, harsh and raw sounds for glitch, breakcore, trap or any other genre that needs weird sounds. Then this pack is for you!

Small warning

Remember the sounds in this soundpack are harsh, therefore I recommend working on a lower volume level and I can’t be held responsible for any structural damage or extraterrestrial activities after using this pack. 

Whats inside

This pack contains 108 wave sounds 44.1 kHz, 24 bit.

All 108 sounds of the pack stuck together in one preview file without any Fx, compression or mastering. If you’re still interested you can click on the link in the picture below and download the .zip file directly from my secured MEGA Cloud account.

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