the Blue-II OddIction soundbanks

The last few months I have been doing sound design and beta testing on Rob Papen‘s Blue-II. In that period of testing I made well over 400 sounds for this new synthesiser and loved every single minute of time I spend working with it. I selected enough sounds to make 3 complete soundbanks, these are all included in the factory sounds. Some patches I kept to myself for tracks I’m currently working on and some of them got binned during the process. But no worries, there will be more OddI sounds for sure 😉

 Blue-II is amazing to work with and very versatile! When you scrub through the factory sounds you will quickly understand what I mean. It can simply do it all, from lush, moving pads to mind warping leads, bass and (very nasty) percussive sounds. Programming wise you can go very deep with this synth, all the pages and possibilities make Blue-II capable to create extremely complex sounds with a lot of movement and character. The X/Y function that was introduced with Blade has received a massive upgrade. Had so much fun experimenting with it! And that was even before the Vector and quantize functionality had been added.

Enjoy Blue-II and all the great presets that come along with it. Feel free to leave a comment on my presets below, on Twitter, Facebook or you can use the feedback button on the right side of this website. And I’m really sure I will release more sounds for this beast in the future.


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