Anarchy Audioworx of Unfiltered B.I.T.’s

A lot of cool stuff happened over the past few weeks. Very exciting times over at Odd HQ, new collaborations, fresh releases and more exciting, new things planned for the next few weeks. Most of the acoustic panels are finished and up, very happy with the result. Challenges and controlled change always spark my creativity, so I teamed up with the super talented team over at Anarchy Audioworx. First Oddiction product releases there are imminent, more about that later.

Let’s start with finished projects I was fortunate to contribute on. Last weekend Unfiltered Audio released their newest effect, it’s called TRIAD; the big, multiband brother of BYOME. Both TRIAD and BYOME now have a small Oddiction soundbank in the factory library. As an absolute Unfiltered Audio fan, I’m very proud of that. Today, Rob Papen released B.I.T. a very creamy sounding VST synthesizer. Among the 950+ presets you can find an Oddiction soundbank with 128 patches.

In conclusion, a lot of wheels are in motion. Let’s dive in deeper!

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Studio Update

Quick Studio Update via phone video snap teaser on my Facebook page. Sunday in ODD HQ while listening some great, German Hip-Hop.

The acoustic panels are up, once the Chesterfield is in, the doorway with the Cat curtains can be closed too. That will be closed with 22 mm sheet material. Also painted Orient Red and acoustic diffuser panels will be mounted on that wall.

Once I put that vintage Chesterfield couch, plants and other furniture in there, I can take new sound measurements. And find out if I need to make more panels and/or change something else. I’m pretty sure I need a few corner bass traps and a few diffusers on the ceiling. The next Studio Update will be a blog about building the panels.

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Oddiction Media

Beta-testing projects and releases

Cool things and beta-testing projects are happening in and around the ODD studio. With the first projects released, it’s safe to talk about them. Firstly, the website got a do-over and runs much leaner now. Secondly, new and interesting software companies are added to the portfolio. And last but not least, besides beta-testing and sound design, I’m working on full track productions again.

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Cubase 10 Pro with Shove and Push2

Push2 inside Cubase with Shove for Ableton Push2

Anyone having a Maschine or Push2 knows how much of your patience is tested when you want to use these devices inside other DAW’s. Honestly, I just have given up on using the Maschine as a controller for anything else besides the Maschine VST or standalone version. For the Ableton Push2 however, I did not want to do without it in my other DAW’s. The scales included in Push2 are such a time-saver and effective creative tool! There simply had to be a way to keep utilizing these inside other DAW’s. I found an easy way that removes jumping through flaming hoops! It’s a nifty little utility called: Shove for Ableton Push2.

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RAW-Kick by Rob Papen

We all witnessed what happens when hardcore legends team up with an innovative software producer. It brought us RAW, a synth dedicated to the harder styles of dance music. Well, Rob Papen, DJ Promo and DJ Free-K did it again, resulting in monster synth: RAW-Kick. It’s a kickdrum synth with features like we never seen or heard before. It’s so RAW that most factory preset banks had to come with a warning message. So let’s see what this beast can do unleashed.

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Loopcloud by Loopmasters, my first impression.

In real life when a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. In Audio- & VST land that mostly is proven differently! Just a few weeks back Propellerhead and Loopmasters teamed up. Reason owners could grab a great selection of the most popular loops and samples from the Loopmasters site (after registration). Since I already had an account for both websites I jumped on the deal to get the free bundle. At that time I did not install Loopcloud , didn’t pay much attention since I had a ton of other stuff going on.

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DigiD N0isE v1

DigiD N0isE v1 soundpack

FREE Glitch soundpack

DigiD_N0isE is a soundpack dating back to 2013 and inspired by the wave of  DDoS attacks that happened that year. It contains sounds made mostly with Native Instruments Reaktor. The samples are put through various effect-chains. Some of the sounds are taken from field-recordings. Heavily processed and furthermore sculpted in Alchemy and Reaktor.

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new Oddiction soundbank for Predator 2 update

New Oddiction soundbank in RP-Predator 2 update

For the last few weeks I have been beta-testing and doing sound design for Rob Papen’s Predator 2 update. This resulted in a brand new Oddiction soundbank with 128 new sounds. From bread & butter synth-sounds to oddly ‘wild’ patches, as Rob called them. In this version you find some great new features, with the new modulation destinations my absolute favorite.

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beerOclock, FREE samplepack and Maschine Mk3 kit

Last Friday I bought a Zoom H4n Pro with a bunch of accessories, because I want to step up my sound design and make some truly unique sounds. To have a practice run on a hot Summer’s day I decided to sample a bunch of beer bottles and cans (and have a few along the way). I processed to sounds in my freshly upgraded Wavelab Elements and since I’m still learning my new Maschine Mk3; I decided to do a Maschine kit also to include in the same pack. That is in a nutshell how beerOclock was created.Read More »beerOclock, FREE samplepack and Maschine Mk3 kit