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Cool things and beta-testing projects are happening in and around the ODD studio. With the first projects released, it’s safe to talk about them. Firstly, the website got a do-over and runs much leaner now. Secondly, new and interesting software companies are added to the portfolio. And last but not least, besides beta-testing and sound design, I’m working on full track productions again.

A little spring in Winter

Let us start with the first of many cool beta-testing projects! U-he released Twangström, a flexible spring reverb box-of-tricks. Essentially this is a Spring Reverb on steroids, from the moment the first beta was installed I fell in love with it. Happy and proud to announce there are some Oddiction presets in the factory bank. Mine are marked with ODD as usual. Twangström is a very creative and good sounding effect for about every thinkable genre out there. In other words, go check it out 😉

The preset manager inside U-He Twangström. Displaying a few of my presets in the factory bank.

Beta-testing project: Phoenix Series

Another two new and exciting projects are TTAP and WOV from K-Devices. It was a fun experience and a special project, these two plugins are their first VST plugins. Also, marking the start of a new K-Devices line called the Phoenix Series. Very proud and grateful I had the chance to work with this incredibly dynamic and innovative team. Certainly well worth a check!

K-Devices TTAP and WOV Beta-testing project inside Cubase Pro.

More eXplorer5 greatness

Meanwhile, the projects continued and last month Rob Papen Vecto-VST was released. Vecto saw life as a Rack Extension for Reason platform. However, people had been asking for a VST version since it has been released. The RE and the VST both contain not one, but two Oddiction banks! REworked several patches in the original bank. The second bank has 128 new presets. Most of them are monophonic leads and synths.

Vecto is a four-oscillator vector synth allowing you to draw vector paths in the X/Y screen, shaping the sound. This synthesizer is a beast, capable of complex sounds. For instance, almost everything can be controlled from the Mod-Matrix. Vecto sounds amazing and I had a lot of fun doing sound design. My two banks have everything from sub-low basses to lush pads and screaming lead sounds.

RP Vecto-VST, the mod-matrix filled for nice, complex sounds!

More Beta-testing projects in the tank!

There’s more to come, another item will be added to eXplorer5 and the beta-testing projects also continue for other brands. Can’t go into detail just yet, but 2019 will offer some super cool and innovative VST Plugins!

Hope you enjoy the new Oddiction soundbanks. Feel free to follow and leave a comment on my Facebook page or Twitter. If you own older RP products check my downloads for older soundbanks.

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