beerOclock, FREE samplepack and Maschine Mk3 kit

Last Friday I bought a Zoom H4n Pro with a bunch of accessories, because I want to step up my sound design and make some truly unique sounds. To have a practice run on a hot Summer’s day I decided to sample a bunch of beer bottles and cans (and have a few along the way). I processed to sounds in my freshly upgraded Wavelab Elements and since I’m still learning my new Maschine Mk3; I decided to do a Maschine kit also to include in the same pack. That is in a nutshell how beerOclock was created.

So, here it is as promised: #beerOclock 🍻 A free #samplepack & #MaschineMk3 kit made from sampled beer bottles and cans, nothing else.

Everything you hear in the Soundcloud preview comes from a beer bottle and a beer can, I did not use any synths or drumcomputers to create sounds in the kit. Even the ‘melody’ in the snippet is made from a sample I took from hitting the glass with a BIC m10 Clic pen. Both dry and processed sounds are included the samplepack, however; I used the internal Maschine Mk3 effects, tuning and modulation to manipulate the sounds even further within the drumkits. So the Maschine folks have a little different, extra sounds than those only using the samplepack. The #Maschine project is included in the folder, left some of the patterns in there. The download link to the pack can be found here (and safely be downloaded through my MEGA cloud). Have fun with it and feel free to leave me a message and/or like my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

The pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) So feel free to share, adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. 👍 A link to my website and social media would be appreciated thou. 🤙

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