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A lot of cool stuff happened over the past few weeks. Very exciting times over at Odd HQ, new collaborations, fresh releases and more exciting, new things planned for the next few weeks. Most of the acoustic panels are finished and up, very happy with the result. Challenges and controlled change always spark my creativity, so I teamed up with the super talented team over at Anarchy Audioworx. First Oddiction product releases there are imminent, more about that later.

Let’s start with finished projects I was fortunate to contribute on. Last weekend Unfiltered Audio released their newest effect, it’s called TRIAD; the big, multiband brother of BYOME. Both TRIAD and BYOME now have a small Oddiction soundbank in the factory library. As an absolute Unfiltered Audio fan, I’m very proud of that. Today, Rob Papen released B.I.T. a very creamy sounding VST synthesizer. Among the 950+ presets you can find an Oddiction soundbank with 128 patches.

In conclusion, a lot of wheels are in motion. Let’s dive in deeper!

Anarchy Audioworx in the UK

Like anything and everything else on our planet, the pace on social media is super-fast and on the move 24/7. Growing a brand in these days takes a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time. Instead of doing everything on my own and loose quality studio time -where I could’ve spent time creating content for other artists- I decided to join the talented team over at Anarchy Audioworx. Working hard on 2 fresh, introduction releases.

Firstly, a soundbank for Rob Papen’s Go2 synth has already been handed in. It will kick of a product line called the: Bread & Butter Series. Essentially, those are banks with sounds to jump start your production. Each bank contains basic building blocks to start a song. We’re talking bass sounds, leads and other synth sounds.

Secondly, a MASCHINE expansion pack, 24 kits with production ready sounds for the Trap and Hip-Hop genre. However, they could also be used for RNB, EDM, or for instance Dubstep or DNB. Crafting these kits took about 7 weeks. Every sound in it either is created from scratch by layering various instruments and content from my private archive. Or by programming the stock modules MASCHINE. Keep an eye on our social media and websites for release details.

Join us on the Facebook Group and get a chunky download with inspirational samples for free.

B.I.T. and Pieces

B.I.T. is the newest synth from Rob Papen, released today! It stands for Back In Time and is different from all their other products. The focus for this synth is Analogue Modelled Synthesis. It makes B.I.T. a very fat and creamy sounding addition to the ever growing eXplorer5 bundle. The synth itself is likewise as easy to program as Go2, everything on one page. Personally, a very appealing concept for sound designers. Certainly allowing creation of very rich sounds, very fast.

B.I.T. comes with over 950 high quality presets, I made a full 128 preset soundbank for this VST and that’s included in the factory library. More info, audio examples and an introduction offer price can be found: here. It was a lot of fun doing sound design and beta testing for this one. This VST synthesizer will fit in with any music genre out there and add something unique to your tracks.

Unfiltered: Modular, Complexity, Undisputed!

Than there’s TRIAD, Unfiltered Audio certainly did it again. They took the mighty BYOME and put it on steroids. TRIAD allows you to split up the signal into three bands and build FX chains with the BYOME effects on each band individually. I mean how dope is that?! For a more detailed description, specs and the introduction price you head on over to the Plugin Alliance TRIAD page.

When you have BYOME already and you made presets in there, you can super-size them in TRIAD. Both TRIAD and BYOME now have a small Oddiction soundbank now, I’m sure it will grow over time. Super proud I could contribute with sound design and beta testing; Unfiltered Audio and Plugin Alliance are very innovative and enjoyable to work with. Keep an eye on their social media and websites too, because so much more cool stuff is cooking!

Hope you enjoy the new Oddiction soundbanks. Feel free to follow and leave a comment on my Facebook page or Twitter. If you own older RP products check my downloads for older soundbanks (FREE).

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