New DAW, new artist friends, new gear

2018 is split through the middle by now and I have been working on various new things the past six months. Was part again of a new Rob Papen product, called Go2; did beta-testing on both the VST as the RE (Rack Extension). In both versions my soundbank is included with the factory library, as expected a lot of complex sounds, dark pads and other OddIlicious weirdness! The RE version has extra sounds because that bank also contains Combinators. For those that have not checked out the Go2 instrument, you really should! It’s a very versatile instrument, simple to use, simple to program and sounding great. For those that are not (yet) into programming sounds from scratch, there is a vast factory library included with all versions. But by all means, feel free to tweak some sounds yourself, it’s addicting!

The other thing I have been working on is my studio setup, having had some hardware issues I had to upgrade my screens and also keyboard (yay, finally wireless now!). Rocking 2 Iiyama ProLite monitor screens now, 32″ and 27″, the smaller one is tilted on it’s side, very very nice for docking the DAW mixer, sample pool and other things to keep my main screen just focused on the project/arranger view. I love this brand, it doesn’t break the bank, very good quality built and when calibrated properly even very good for photography/video editing (I use a Spyder from Datacolor to calibrate my screens).

Also new is the Maschine Mk3 from Native Instruments, it was merely a late birthday gift to myself, was looking for a more hands-on and creative way to make music and to increase my fun factor. I make music now to relax from the everyday stress, so there’s no pressure of having to release, finish tracks and all those things bread-musicians have. I jumped on a great deal from Bax-Shop and Native Instruments and ended up with a new piece of great equipment and Komplete 11 for less than half of what it would normally have cost. Since I never owned a Maschine before, I have to dive a little deeper into it before I can write something about it here, but before Christmas there will be some blog on it! 😆

After a day long of downloading and installing through Native Access (daaayumn, that was a huge download!!!) and then building libraries for the Maschine and Komplete Kontrol I got to play with it something aroundish 2am or so. That weekend I learned a few things since the last version of Komplete I owned (think sold it @ v7): I need faster HDD’s, >16Gb RAM memory and defiantly more HDD space! I’m running a well built, maintained and still very stable DAW computer, but it’s dated since I purchased it in 2008. Done some upgrades and expansions through the years, but it’s not fast enough for the NI stuff, so within the next few months that will be replaced by a modern and more powerful desktop, SDD’s and at least 32Gb DDR.

Another very cool thing I did the last 30 days is finally make time enough to jump into Ableton! And man, what a DAW that is! For the first time in months, maybe years I didn’t lose interest while making a track and I finished not 1 but 2 rough projects withing the 30 days trial period of the program (hey! I can’t help I have an attention span of a squirrel crossbreed with a Doberman!). The interest in this DAW got sparked by a tutorial video from @Void_Vertex I stumbled upon, it’s about creating Breakcore in Ableton. I noticed how much faster and less painstaking it was from the way I work now that I simply wanted to try Ableton. That was another vast download and install by the way, Ableton 10 Suite comes with a really huge and very useable library of instruments, audio- & midi effects, loops, sounds, drum racks. Too much to list, just check the comparison chart on their website for a very detailed view of all 3 available packages.

My trial has ended and yes, I will purchase this DAW, it’s fab!!

For those interested in Breakcore, raw glitchy music, Ableton packs and other things, check out the Void Vertex, lotsofnoise website, there are some absolute gems to download there (free). Void & me seem to be tuned into the same frequencies and we will be working together on stuff in the future for sure. Keep yer eyes peeled on our social networks and websites!

Here’s the video I was talking about:


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