31 Days later

First month of the year is over and although it didn’t start all that well for me, it played out to be a pretty good month. Traffic on my website increased massively, almost 1600 unique visitors from all over the world, now that did put a smile on my face! I also took sound design for myself to the next level and got back up to speed with Cubase 7.5. As an in-house sound programmer for Rob Papen products I’m blessed with testing their new products while programming factory presets. For those that didn’t follow the NAMM show news the last weeks, Rob presented Blue-II there. He did a couple of interview videos with various magazines and/or websites. In one of those videos you can already get a sneak peak of a preset I made for Blue-II. That video is included at the bottom of this post. Haven’t been so enthusiast about a synth in quite a while, that’s all I can say about it for the moment.

Another thing I’m looking into is the Eurorack, for years I have been thinking about building a Modular synthesizer, so 2014 could be the year for my first Eurorack modular! There is so much info, so many module makers and so much stuff to read into that my head is already buzzing! schneidersladen.de has been a great source of info and help so far. I might start with  having them build a complete, basic A-100 Doepfer system  for me. I know many out there would disagree on starting a modular system like this. But the truth is; at this point the matter is still way out of my comfort zone to start building a big system myself. So I wanted to start a little inexpensive project on the side. That side project is focussed on drum and percussion sounds and freaky effects, maybe even a little bit of DIY.

Clearly this isn’t something you do in a week or a month, there is a lot of money involved and I don’t want to make a mistake of overspending or end up buying modules that are not used. So there is still a lot more research to be done! I’ll keep you posted.

Rob Papen Interview about Blue-II on NAMM 2014

Around the 9:00 minute marker Rob demonstrates one of my presets in Blue-II

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