2015 so far, so good!

The first half of 2015 flew by in warp speed! So far I’m really excited about the software releases that I was given chance to work on and others that are still works in progress. Most of my time and effort has been going helping out my friend and Synth-Guru Rob Papen. After the release of RAW and QUAD-RE, the entire team has been sweating bullets on the newest Rack Extension called Vecto-RE. With the most recent version of this RE, 128 of my patches and Combinators are included in the factory sound library. And already working on new ones since the most recent update received some really cool new features.

So Vecto is a Reason Rack Extension that is based on four-oscillator vector synthesis. The cool thing is that you’re able to draw in the vector paths to shape the sound in many different and very interesting ways. When you’re a bit familiar with the sound design I normally do, you know it’s no secret that I like pads and evolving sounds. Well Vecto has so many different modulation options and includes such a large range of oscillator waves and sampled waveforms that this RE really is instant boner material; Pardon my French.  Cooking up patches for this instrument was a whole lot of fun, the vast modulation options makes it very versatile and while the current sounds in my bank contain lush and cleaner sounds, this RE is capable of more, much much more. Working out some ideas and sounds that are downright bone-chilling. If you own Reason, give Vecto a testdrive, pretty sure you like it.

dawOn the DAW front also a lot has changed, all my DAW’s are upgraded to the most recent versions and my current set of DAW’s to run beta’s in are; Reason 7.1.1 and Reason 8.1, Wavelab Elements 8, Cubase 7,5 and Cubase 8 Pro, StudioOne Professional 2 and the most recent version V3. A new laptop with the upcoming Windows 10 will be added for beta testing music software as soon as possible.

If you want me to test your music related software, or you’re looking for a sounddesigner just leave me a message here, through the contact form or via social media Twitter / Facebook. I’m working on a lot of ideas at the same time, a new sample pack and some free patch banks for standard Reason RE’s to name just a few of them.

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